10 April 2008

Embroidered Tea Bags!

Lately, I have been sewing little reusable tea bags and embroidering on them. I got the pattern from Craft Leftovers. The cool thing is, they actually work, and after several uses, they get this great tea-stained (obviously!) look. I think I want to sell them, and I will probably try my hand at this whole Etsy thing. Anyways, I love making them and brewing all my favorite teas. Mmm, just thinking about that Mauritus tea blend, yum.

In other news, next weekend I'm going to Disneyland! Yesssss! Life is so awesome.
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05 April 2008

Poppyseed Pancakes

So last weekend, thanks to 101 cookbooks, I made some delicious poppyseed pancakes. They have sunflower seeds too, so they are extra tasty! And they have this yummy orange/lemon compote stuff on it. Being pretty "new" to cooking (to say the least), I found these really easy and fun to make.

But I have been doing things other than cooking, namely bicycling! And as of right now, watching the Office. So pretty much, everything is great. Bicycling after school, working on setting up my darkroom, watching new Office episodes, all that.

Anyways, until next time....
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