28 January 2009

Meyer Lemonettes!

Meyer Lemonettes

Ah, yes, candied fruit. One of the many sweets on the list of foods that highlight my old-ladyness. The list also includes the following: butterscotch candies, dates, figs, dried apricots, cashews, Poppycock, licorice, Calcium supplements (thanks Ma!), high fiber cereal, and the list goes on. But instead of boring you with 75-year-old eating habits (let's not forget rye bread!), let me tell you about these Candied Lemon Rinds!

Soaking Meyer Lemon Rinds

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. These were quite time consuming and tedious. But if you are making them with a friend (hi Allison!) and having the world wide web at your disposal, I'm sure you can have a good time as you boil and reboil the rinds in sugar water for three or four 20 minute intervals. Allison and I divided our time between Facebook, of course, and looking for other recipes.

Prodding the Lemonettes

You see, we did this during Winter Break, back in sunny California where my mother has a Meyer Lemon tree that sort of went completely overboard with its harvest. So many lemons, so delicious. So in addition to these candied rinds, we made Lemon Curd (oh my god oh my god oh my god make this right now ahhhhh!!!!), terrible tartlettes to but the lemon curd in (huge failure, more on this another time), and lemonade! We were so absurdly efficient with the lemons that even we were surprised. We used the juice, the rinds, the zest, everything!

Meyer Lemonettes

So, in conclusion, if you just made a bunch of lemonade, and you've got all these beautiful rinds sitting around and you don't want to waste them (which you shouldn't!), make some of these. So tasty to snack on! Next time I want to make Orangettes and dip them in chocolate. And candied ginger, that too! (Oh, and definitely make the Lemon Curd...I can't express how insanely delicious and lemony it was. Like, true lemon flavor, not just sour. Oh man, oh oh! But I can't find the exact recipe we used...I know! I'm sorry; I'm sure most recipes are the same though.)

Okay, that was a poor ending to this entry, but I can't seem to wrap it up any better. Until next time!!

25 January 2009

Down to the River to Play

Poking Things

Hello there! Sorry I've been a very lazy blogger, but truth be told, I am going to be even busier starting very soon. I got a job (gasp!) and an internship (gasp gasp!). Yes it's true! I'm going to be working at school as the sewing monitor, which is pretty nice because I get paid to organize notions and stuff and help people with the sewing machines, and perhaps get around to sewing some stuff for myself if I have the time. And the internship, well, I am quite excited about that. I'm going to be interning for designer Rachel Comey! Ahh! I love her clothing so much.


Anyways, I won't bore you with the details, which are as of now unknown anyways. Here are some pictures from a little play date I had the day before I returned to NYC. Some friends and I went up to the mountains and took some photos at a grotto. Beautiful!

Anne and Emily

And to have such lovely models, oh oh! We had lots of fun, especially being able to drive up in the convertible with the top down. Sort of felt like we were in a corny girly movie, like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Mama Mia, just without all the romance and hilarious scripts/dancing.

Trees at Switzer FallsFloral

And it was so warm, too. Not like the 23º weather going on here in New York. Boo! I want to wear dresses!

Anne and Emily




A lovely day no doubt! (More photos on my Flickr of course) Until next time...

Anne and Emily


21 January 2009

Cold Today

I wish it was this warm in Manhattan...

(More of this series of photos to come)

20 January 2009

It's here


I can't believe it, it's finally happened! Smile today!

15 January 2009

Some Pictures of Some Places

So winter break is over this Sunday. I'll be leaving the wonderful 83 degree California weather and entering the realm of 30 degrees and quickly dropping weather of New York City. I'm not that excited about that aspect.

Palm by Apartment Complex

But I had a really great break, and if it was any longer, I think I would really start to get bored. Over the summer, I hope I can get a job or internship, otherwise I am really screwed. All I want is to work at an adorable knitting store! Ah, dreams.

Cracked Lemon and Clementine Gratin

In other news, I made these Lemon and Honey Tangerine (I actually used Clementines) Gratins from Tartelette, and let me just say how delicious they are! It was a lot like a zesty creme brulee with Clementines sitting inside. So good. So bad for you. Whatever, this break did not set a good example of healthy eating.

When the task came to caramelizing the brown sugar on top, the recipe recommending using a flame torch, so my dad grabbed his (which is by NO standards a culinary flame torch), and it didn't work. Maybe we just didn't have the right hand technique or something, but it just burnt the sugar crystals instead of uniformly browning the surface. So instead we put the gratins in the oven at the top shelf and set the oven to broil for a few minutes. That worked perfectly, and made the surface hard when you tapped it with a spoon. Perfect!

More Small Flowers

I also went on a hike that was very pretty and snowy! I probably saw more snow there than I will in New York, but I'm probably going to eat those words in a few weeks.

Anyways, I will leave you with some adorable pictures of my dog, kissing a plastic hunk:

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

10 January 2009

Tea Party Photos, As Promised

Tea Party Food

Oh my god, I love tea parties. Especially the ones that my friends host, because they are always undoubtedly completely divine! Honestly, who can resist butter wafer cookies with lemon curd and raspberries on them? Or crostinis with olive tapenade/bruschetta? How about a really pathetic, underisen, dense, too chewy, ladybug-esque shaped Challah bread? (Yeah, that was my contribution, and it was pretty lame. Photos on my flickr...I'm too embarassed to post it here). But really, in the end, it's all about dessert, right?

Cupcake 1

One of the main activities at this particular tea party was cupcake decorating! The overall theme was a "Children's Tea Party," so it made all the sense in the world to start covering funfetti cupcakes with pounds of sugar and candies. Good stuff. Nauseating, at times, but overall quite fun. I didn't eat one, however; maybe I could have 10 years ago, but today, just...too...much...

Let me show you what I mean by "sugar":

Granted, on this cupcake, my friends and I just tried to cram as much crap all over this one cupcake as physically possible...it's not like we would eat it (right? right.)

Again, Cupcakes
Some More Cupcakes
CupcakesMore Cupcakes

Top Heavy?

Oh god. Pretty disgusting, in retrospect. Fun at the time, to be sure; but now...ugh!

Aside from decorating cupcakes, we gossiped, giggled, talked about inane things, listened to Indeep, took thousands (more like 300) closeup pictures of our faces making ridiculous expressions, acted way too girly, and had fun, blah blah blah. Whenever I tell my family or other friends that I have these tea parties, people look at me funny, but it's true: my friends just like to get dressed up and make food and be fancy. It's ridiculous, but I love it. Oh, and the 75º weather and sunshine is pretty great, too.

A Lady Fixes her Shoe

I'm Going to Look Down for This One

Until next time!

09 January 2009

Another Tea Party

Went to another lovely tea party, don't you know.

More pictures to come tomorrow, when I am less sleepy. Have a nice weekend.


07 January 2009

MWMH :: Gone Pro, Chocolate too

Max Brenner Menu

Remember when I used to update my blog? Good stuff.

Anyways, I'm going to be able to do just that again, because I bit the bullet and went pro on Flickr. Check out my photostream, if you feel so inclined. One day, when I have lots of time (which is actually right now, during winter break, so maybe I should get around to doing this) I will merge my old Flickr account with the new pro one so all my photos are in one spot.

Emily's Elbow

Anyways, today I am making Challah for a friend's party. It's a themed party (as all of ours are) and her theme is a children's tea party, so I am going to make the challah look like this! I'll post pictures of the final result when finished. In the meantime, here are some photos from my early birthday party at Max Brenner (Chocolate by the Bald Man) in Manhattan.

Happy Thea$7 Cookie

It was really fun, in my opinion, but some people were less than thrilled at the prices. Yeah, it's absurdly expensive, but equally absurdly delicious. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but the hot cocoa and desserts are sooooo good. The dessert on the top right, the cookie, was $7. Yeah. And we chose to split it, in order to get the cost down, thinking that there would be, oh, three cookies, or something. Not one! Ah, whatever, it was excellent.

Hot Cocoa w/ Marshmallows Toffee Hot Cocoa

Yum yum yum. Today I am also making lacey curtains for our foyer, as my father requested. Doesn't that sound fancy? Yeah!

Hope you had a very nice New Year and Holiday or whatever. Until later!

02 January 2009

First Post :: Oh Nine

Bye 200GR8

Bye 200GR8!

Hello 200FINE

Hello 200FINE!

(Marquee work credit: Taylor, thx gurl!)

I haven't updated in a long while, I realize this. But I've just uploaded my 200th photo onto Flickr, so I have to go Pro and pay $25 before I can upload more photos. Until then, I can't update. Boo hoo, sorry Claire. Happy New Yearz!!!1