15 January 2009

Some Pictures of Some Places

So winter break is over this Sunday. I'll be leaving the wonderful 83 degree California weather and entering the realm of 30 degrees and quickly dropping weather of New York City. I'm not that excited about that aspect.

Palm by Apartment Complex

But I had a really great break, and if it was any longer, I think I would really start to get bored. Over the summer, I hope I can get a job or internship, otherwise I am really screwed. All I want is to work at an adorable knitting store! Ah, dreams.

Cracked Lemon and Clementine Gratin

In other news, I made these Lemon and Honey Tangerine (I actually used Clementines) Gratins from Tartelette, and let me just say how delicious they are! It was a lot like a zesty creme brulee with Clementines sitting inside. So good. So bad for you. Whatever, this break did not set a good example of healthy eating.

When the task came to caramelizing the brown sugar on top, the recipe recommending using a flame torch, so my dad grabbed his (which is by NO standards a culinary flame torch), and it didn't work. Maybe we just didn't have the right hand technique or something, but it just burnt the sugar crystals instead of uniformly browning the surface. So instead we put the gratins in the oven at the top shelf and set the oven to broil for a few minutes. That worked perfectly, and made the surface hard when you tapped it with a spoon. Perfect!

More Small Flowers

I also went on a hike that was very pretty and snowy! I probably saw more snow there than I will in New York, but I'm probably going to eat those words in a few weeks.

Anyways, I will leave you with some adorable pictures of my dog, kissing a plastic hunk:

Not that there's anything wrong with that!


Taylor said...

i love this post! everything looks just perfect. Milo is adorable!! I love the photos you took up top and the dish you made looks absolutely delicious. It is going to be in my dreams tonight.

My dorm room does have really good natural light! The window is really giant, although it faces south and during the day it becomes unbearably hot, as the sun is concentrated on my desk. If I close the curtain over the window, it is ALSO unbearably hot (can't decide which one makes the room warmer), as the material it is made out of is like, bulletproof. I have the window open constantly but with the curtain closed no air moves in... So I have concocted a solution which involves me taping my towel to the window during the daytime hours! It works very well. Actually, I could probably take it down now... the sun has moved behind the giant building next to me...

Maggie May said...

holy awesomeness, that looks good.

lina said...

i just came across your lovely fun blog & i laughed silly when i saw those last three pictures. so funny!