28 January 2009

Meyer Lemonettes!

Meyer Lemonettes

Ah, yes, candied fruit. One of the many sweets on the list of foods that highlight my old-ladyness. The list also includes the following: butterscotch candies, dates, figs, dried apricots, cashews, Poppycock, licorice, Calcium supplements (thanks Ma!), high fiber cereal, and the list goes on. But instead of boring you with 75-year-old eating habits (let's not forget rye bread!), let me tell you about these Candied Lemon Rinds!

Soaking Meyer Lemon Rinds

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. These were quite time consuming and tedious. But if you are making them with a friend (hi Allison!) and having the world wide web at your disposal, I'm sure you can have a good time as you boil and reboil the rinds in sugar water for three or four 20 minute intervals. Allison and I divided our time between Facebook, of course, and looking for other recipes.

Prodding the Lemonettes

You see, we did this during Winter Break, back in sunny California where my mother has a Meyer Lemon tree that sort of went completely overboard with its harvest. So many lemons, so delicious. So in addition to these candied rinds, we made Lemon Curd (oh my god oh my god oh my god make this right now ahhhhh!!!!), terrible tartlettes to but the lemon curd in (huge failure, more on this another time), and lemonade! We were so absurdly efficient with the lemons that even we were surprised. We used the juice, the rinds, the zest, everything!

Meyer Lemonettes

So, in conclusion, if you just made a bunch of lemonade, and you've got all these beautiful rinds sitting around and you don't want to waste them (which you shouldn't!), make some of these. So tasty to snack on! Next time I want to make Orangettes and dip them in chocolate. And candied ginger, that too! (Oh, and definitely make the Lemon Curd...I can't express how insanely delicious and lemony it was. Like, true lemon flavor, not just sour. Oh man, oh oh! But I can't find the exact recipe we used...I know! I'm sorry; I'm sure most recipes are the same though.)

Okay, that was a poor ending to this entry, but I can't seem to wrap it up any better. Until next time!!


kikis said...

mmmm...pucker. I'm going to try this!
Never thought of doing it myself - that'll save me mony at the farmer's market.

If it's a book your looking for go to strand's in union square and see what they got used. His short story's are a real treat. His novels can be an investment, so if you want something light to pass the time and make you laugh, try the early stories. Updike or not, strand's never lets me down.

Claire said...

mmmmmn amazing

Allen of Eating Out Loud said...

The lemonettes look wonderful -- all of the hard work paid off!