12 November 2007

Russian/Hunter's Hat


I'm bad at this whole blog thing. I'm just so busy, I can't seem to find the time to post anything here, let alone make anything worthy of being posted! That is, except for today!

Being Veterans Day, I had the day off, so I took the opportunity to crochet my very first crochet project: a hat! And to think I finished it in 3 hours, when these things usually take me weeks. Anyways, I am happy with the results and I intend to wear it when it gets colder.

So there it is. It's sort of Russian-esque mixed with a hunting hat. A Russian hunter, if you will. I got the pattern (for free!!) from Lions Brand. So check that out if you want to make it. It is quite easy, comes in several variations, and they have pretty models that make you want to wear it!

My ongoing project, a cable-knit scarf, has been put on hold, but I will try to pick it up again. I want to be able to wear it in the winter. And I still have to finish a sweater that I started knitting 2 years ago. I'm bad. All I have left to do is fasten on the pockets, but I think I stitched them on upside down, so that might be a gigantic issue. I'll make do...I have to finish it by Thanksgiving anyways. That's my self-imposed deadline; this sweater must end!!

Until next time, whenever that may be....

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