29 March 2008

Cats' Tongues!

By far the prettiest Cat Tongue I made...

Last night I made these petit fours called "Cats' Tongues." And I'm not gonna lie...it was way beyond me. I'm not much of a baker, or food maker in general, and these were pretty difficult for me. The first batch I made was way over cooked so I couldn't get them off the pan (sigh), and of course, the second batch was way under-done and floppy. Fortunately, the last batch was just right.
Timing is everything with these things; you have to get them out of the oven right as they begin to brown, so that they are flexible, but not brittle. Then you have to wrap them around wooden spoon handles! And let them dry in their perfect little helixes for 10 minutes.

Tasty, yes, but I wouldn't say that they were worth the effort!!
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Tartelette said...

Yes they are a pain and I have to get in the right mode for them but they are so good! The curly cues are really cute!

Claire said...

you are unbelievable