16 December 2008

MWMH :: Gingerbread Teeth

On a Date

This time tomorrow I will be landing in Lala Land!! I can't wait! But I will admit, today was a rather fine day in New York City, what with the snow and all. I had planned that this day would be devoted to two very important things: 1) packing & 2) making gingerbread cookies with the new cookie cutters that my friends bought me as an early birthday present. Fortunately, I accomplished both things!

Snow in the Courtyard

On the walk around the corner to the grocery store, I made a mental comment on what lovely weather we were having, what with the sky being so grey and bleached out, and the temperature being so nice and crisp. Little did I know it would only get better!

Snow Falling

Within 30 minutes after I had returned from the grocery store, I notice a facebook status update commenting about "snow." So, obviously, I rush to the window and see not just little white flakes, but huge white fluffs coming down, and rather fast too. I flipped out a little, or a lot. Furthermore, it snowed for the rest of the day and it's still going now, at 10:25. OOO!! The flakes just now got really big again! Ahhh this is so exciting for me! I've been pressing my forehead to my window for at least half the day today just watching the snow fall, but when I look at the windows of the apartment complex across the street from me, I realize that I'm the only person doing this. Everyone else's window is devoid of a nose squashed against the glass and mouth breathing a big circle of condensation on it. Ah, oh well.


Anyways, I won't bore you anymore with my weather naïvete. (Oh but it's so pretty!) So what would make a snowy evening at home even better? Filling the dorm with the smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies! Exactly. So I busted out my new cookie cutters--which are the most random, amazing amalgamation of shapes: a banana, a tooth, a carrot, a toothbrush, and a lobster.

Lobsters and Teeth

I got to work, made the dough, chilled it for a while, and then baked batches and batches of cookies. The first batch I tried out each of the cookie cutters, but soon found out that their sizes varied so much that the baking time would never be right for all of them. Since the carrot is ridiculously gigantic, I only made one of those. See, I'm taking these cookies to class tomorrow, since it's our last class of the semester, and our final critique in sculpture (and yes, I realize that I'm turning into Maggie Gyllenhaal's character in Stranger Than Fiction, I know...).

I made mostly teeth and lobsters because they were a good size and that way I would have plenty for everyone in class. I think they came out pretty tasty, and if you would like the recipe, you can find it over at No Special Effects. They didn't come out quite as chewy as the recipe said, but maybe it's because I rolled the dough out too thin. But then again, this did yield more cookies, so I guess it works out. They still are quite tasty and adorable, I think.

Sigh. I love nights like these, when I can integrate my hobbies with the forecast...

Until I reach the land of sand and ill earthquakes, adieu!


Manggy said...

Thanks for linking to the recipe! Hmm, maybe baking them for a shorter time would be good for chewiness, but I wouldn't risk it if they were indeed thinner... It would make them easy to break and non-transportable. What a funnily odd shape to choose for gingerbread-- lobsters and teeth! (Hmm, maybe teeth can be weirdly appropriate :) They look looovely! :)

Claire said...

i love this post and i love you

Taylor said...

can't wait to see you, girl

it's raining here... not half as magical as huge fluffy snowflakes, but it is serene nonetheless.

you should come to the christmas party at my work! we might karaoke!

Anonymous said...

you havent updated in forEVER !!!! what is the DEAL???? i need more kyoot entreez