09 July 2008

Thanks Maida, but my cookies were lame

I've been doing nothing lately...which is perfect! But, I lie; I actually have been doing some things (updating this blog is obviously not one of them--oops). In the mornings I ride my bike over to Caltech to work for my dad for a few hours doing tedious work with the scanning machine and File Maker Pro. And then I return to my home, sweaty and stinky because my deodorant doesn't work (it's that Tom's of Maine kind that they sell at Trader Joe's...the one that doesn't have aluminum in it so it's supposed to be better for you, I guess by making sure that you still smell bad even after applying it amply), and then I play the Sims 2 because I am the biggest nerd/loser/dork to walk the earth.

Additionally, two days ago my friend and her friend (bad grammar?) came over and we baked cookies! I busted out the Maida Heater, because we thought that we had gotten a recipe for basic chocolate chip cookies from there, but I'm still not convinced that it was the same one. Anyways, I was unhappy with the results, because they were really thin, chewy, and just left a lot to be desired for. They lacked...everything. We didn't even put nuts in them. Sub-par, most definitely, but still tasty because they're cookies and have butter in them.

Perhaps I should have read this article from the New York Times before making said chocolate chip cookies. Ever so informative!

And last but not least, I had had this recipe bookmarked for a while, my chocolate radar all a-buzz. So I made it one night for some friends, and of course I was careful not to over beat the batter and sift it and yadda yadda, but the dough was too crumbly for my inexperienced hands to manage! The whole step with rolling the dough into a log was tricky enough, but then cutting the log after it had chilled for a little more than an hour was also tough. I would begin to cut, and then the dough would just collapse into a crumbly, chocolately, delicious mess. However, end result=TASTY! I can't deny chocolate...
2008-07-09 057.jpg

Anyways, all is well. I want to make some veggie burgers soon. Also, I'm working on my photography portfolio website (soon to come, to be sure!) And I've been drawing, so keep checking the shop. Until we meet again...

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