29 June 2008

Pesto Time!

I've always favored winter over summer, for some reason. Maybe it's because my birthday is in December, and Chanukah is too...but also because I love the cold (California-cold, that is) weather. In fact, I'm a wimp, and when I move to New York, I expect that when I cry myself to sleep because of the cold, my tears will freeze as they roll down my ruddy cheeks. How poetic, no?

Anyways, although I like winter more, summer is a fabulous in its own right. For one, eating outside! And eating barbequed foods! That's where it's at. The other day my friend had a dinner party in which we spent the evening outside on her huge back porch that overlooks the L.A. hills, and we watched the sunset. We ate this:

Vegetable Kabobs and Brown Rice
Vegetable Kabobs and Brown Rice

On a similar outdoor-eating note, I made pesto! So easy, so good. I even used the basil from my mom's garden, which was absolutely perfect. We even got to eat some of her home-grown broccoli! Next time, however, I hope to use better Parmesan, and Pecorino Romano, and grind it all by hand instead of in the Cuisinart. But I don't mean to belittle the tastiness of what I ended up creating:

Pesto Pasta and Brocolli
Ugh, so good. [Home-grown broccoli not shown]

I love pesto in the summer...it just seems so right.

In other news, I updated the shop! More T Bags!!

2008-06-29 042.jpg
More Pictures!


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Taylor said...

looking at anne's food makes me want to explode with deliciousness again!