06 June 2008

Etsy: It's Here!!

I did it! I made an Etsy shop and I have 1 thing for sale (more to come, though, to be sure). I am selling this gouache and ink drawing:
Une Nymphe des Fleurs

So, please, go to my shop! I love you long time.

I will be adding embroidered items soon, and more drawings and maybe some photographs.

But yeah, today I stayed home from school because there was no point in me going, considering that 90% of the senior class won't be either. Gradnite at Disneyland was last night: meaning, a bunch of high schools send their senior classes on a trip to Disneyland from midnight to 6am. All night. With no food (except 10 dollar churros). And no sleep. So, maybe I'm just an old lady (which I've been told I am), but that doesn't sound fun to me. I hate hanging out with most people my age anyways, besides my friends, so being around a bunch of asshole teenagers, locked in the Happiest Place on Earth, well, doesn't quite appeal to me.

So I spent today doing this:
2008-06-06 027.jpg
Much better than school. Especially when you're wearing a nice vintage floral dress and its a beautiful 78 degree day.

Tomorrow is my art show. I hope my piece works and people interact with it, but who knows. I hate artists.

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