23 June 2008

Hot Town, Summer in the City

I graduated!

In other news, this weekend was unspeakably hot...like triple-digits hot. Great weather for a tea party (sarcasm, sarcasm), but I had one anyways. We had iced tea, of course, and really delicious mint lemonade concocted by my dear mother. I actually spent half of the day preceding the party and several hours the day of baking and assembling food. I made some Pear Bread (thanks to Bake and Break), finger sandwiches (cucumber/cream cheese, salmon and capers, and chicken curry salad), Buttermilk Cookies with Lemon Zest (thanks to Tartelette), vichissoise (thanks to my dad), lots of fruits and berries, and Clotted Cream.
My Tea Party 1

It was really pretty and nice; I had 8 friends over, and we all wore girly dresses and played cards and listened to Edith Piaf. I set up a bunch of chairs in our little woodland garden and placed doilies around, used the outlandishly ornate silverware, and had adorable little name cards, etc. etc. My mom, being the crazy plant lady that she is, made lots of little bouquets that we set all around, too.
My Tea Party 2
Bouquet and Raspberries Berries at Tea Party

And now, being Monday, I've finally realized that it's summer! So maybe I will start sewing some dresses and skirts again, or read the Golden Compass, or upload some more tea bags to the shop. Ooh, or develop that roll of film from my Senior Art Proj. Ahh, so many possibilities.


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Lookin' good, Lizzie!

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