15 June 2008

Etsy: Update -- T bags!

I finally got around to putting up some reusable tea bags for sale in the shop!
T bags
So I suggest you go check it out. Because I'm selling them in a darling little set of three T's (awww).

Anyways, my parents had a little dinner party last night for my dad's research group. Yeah, so he's a physicist and so the conversation, well, it was about magnets. And other stuff. So basically, that wasn't my cup of tea (ha, pun). Fortunately, however, we got food from Pita! Pita!, a Mediterranean place.

Pita! Pita!
A tasty falafel.

Funny story: My friend pronounced falafel "fallah-fal" instead of "fa-LAH-fel." Pretty anti-climatic story, but whatever.

1 comment:

Silvia Gándara said...

Qué lindas las bolsitas de té!
Da pena usarlas.
un saludo