30 May 2008

Etsy: Coming Soon!

I'm finally working on getting my Etsy shop set up and I'm super excited. First thing up for sale will most definitely be some embroidered tea bags!

In other news, this evening was spent processing film and printing contact sheets for a project that I am working on for my Senior Art Show (photos to come, to be sure!). So me and my friend Taylor are printing and printing and smell like fixer (which claims to be odorless...) and are really tired because neither of us can stay awake past 10:30. Yeah, "lame" I guess, but I like my sleep.

If you live in the L.A. area, specifically near Eagle Rock, and you don't already know about Auntie Em's Kitchen, you must go there and be SURE to get a cupcake!

Auntie Em's Red Velvet Cupcake 2
The Red Velvet Cupcakes are especially tasty.


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mmmmmm delicioiushe