22 May 2008

Fashion Sho'

As promised, I come baring photos from my school's Spring Fashion Show!

2008-05-17 011.jpg

I made 2 dresses, one for the evening wear theme, another for the "sheer" theme. The show itself went smoothly, for the most part, but it was SOOOO damn hot. For nearly 4 hours we were behind stage, eating those Melting Moments cookies, and sweating. Anyways...

2008-05-17 009.jpg
This is Allison, my lovely lovely model, who so graciously put up with wearing my way-too-low-cut dress with lots and lots double-stick tape.

2008-05-17 017.jpg
From the back...(I'm sort of really into the whole racer-back look)

2008-05-17 054.jpg
And some more lovely models. The one in the middle is Taylor, modeling my second dress very bravely. I bought the orange/purple-paisley fabric in India and it is so incredibly starchy, but fortunately I like the stiff look that it gives the body of the dress.

2008-05-17 048.jpg
And some models from afar!

Originally, our department chair had set up the runway outside of the gallery (which was at an airport hangar in Santa Monica, in fact) on a minuscule, L-shaped, 6-inch high carpeted runway...which was more than pathetic. Fortunately, someone complained about our DJ's music being too loud (which is pretty odd considering that they have to deal with full-on 747s flying overhead) and our show got pushed inside. So instead of the dinky catwalk, we just had the models walk on the floor between the seats, and it worked out really well!

And now I'm sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance, because I'm a loser who likes shows like this and American Idol (omg, David Cook > Archuleta! Yesss...okay I'm embarrassing myself).

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