26 May 2008

Tea: A Drink with Jam and Bread!

Well it's a very odd Memorial Day weekend here in Southern California. It was cold(ish). Although the gloom and possibility of thunder storms destroyed my plans to go to Surf Camp, I did have a nice weekend. Saturday was basically devoted to Prom--which I can't believe I actually went to. Anyways, it was fun getting my hair and nails done--I now have a cute little 30s crop cut (see here)--and I suppose the Prom itself wasn't too bad. Dancing is fun, but I must say that I never thought it was possible to grind to the Jackson 5 until that night.

Anyways, Sunday I made my very first yeast bread...without a bread maker! I really had no idea that it would take 7 hours, but yeah, it did. I made a Honey Whole Wheat Loaf from CookWise and it tastes pretty good, especially when toasted with some marmalade and a nice cup of Earl Grey on a cool Spring morning!

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

In other news, my mom recruited me to photograph some Mountain Mint for her newspaper article (she writes native plant gardening articles for The Claremont Courier, a local newspaper in Claremont, CA). So we brewed up a pot of hot water with mint and some honey, and it was actually really tasty. The pictures don't do the colors of the "tea" justice though; in reality the water was an amazing shade of chartreuse.

2008-05-25 018.jpg

It's really quite a refreshing drink, and its perfect hot or cold. I recommend it!

So now I'm off to Out of the Closet and The Salvation Army to look for a bulletin board and some other stuff for an installation piece I'm doing for the Senior Art Show. Wish me luck; thrifting can be so trying sometimes...


Claire said...

only you would spend seven hours making a piece of toast. you are one crazy motherfucker


Lizzie said...

always the cheeky one, aren't you love?