11 August 2008

Palm Springs Hike: Success

On Saturday, my parents and I went on a hike nearby Palm Springs. We had to take this rotating gondola ride up to the top of the mountain; this was fortunate because it was 20 degrees cooler up on the mountain and I wasn't really in the mood for hiking in 90 degree heat. We had a really nice time (see pictures here!) and ate dark-chocolate peanut M&Ms, which, by the way, are so delicious and always perfect for hiking.

Aside from neutralizing all the calories I was burning by eating candy, I took lots of pictures, especially of the different textures in the tree barks or lichen on the rocks.
Click images for larger view!

So yeah, it was quite fun and all. Afterwards, we ate dinner at the one restaurant at the top of the mountain, and I must say, it left a lot to be desired...except more sauce. No one would desire any more sauce--ask my parents. The food was so overpowering! I never will understand why restaurants think that oppressive flavors = better food. I like subtlety!! (Is that how you spell it? Gah)

All in all: good times. I'm about to go out to dinner with my brother and his girlfriend to AOC located in West L.A. It's their graduation gift to me! Aw! Anyways, I eagerly await the cheese...

Until next time! Ta!


Taylor said...

i went hiking yesterday with anne, emily, and rachel. first we went to baily canyon. the waterfall there was dried up. so we went to eaton canyon. i don't know why i thought this would be a good idea. the waterfall was beautiful. i was so happy to sleep next to it. but next time i've hiked once already, it's 90 degrees outside, and i have work in the afternoon, i am not going hiking. also theres that part where i haven't exercised in about forever. ask anne. she was very kind and waited for me along the way. i felt terribly embarrassed at the end of the whole ordeal.

Taylor said...

by the way, your pictures are beautiful!

Lizzie said...

hahah ahh

Taylor said...