03 March 2009

Quick Post: In the Mood for Love

I realize my posts as of late have been short and lame, but this is important! I implore you to see this movie, In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-Wai. I am writing a paper on it for my English class, but I had watched several scenes of it in my photography class. Needless to say, the cinematography is phenomenal, and overall I simply love this movie. It is so subtle, so sexy, so fleeting, and just stunning. Watch it!

Next I have to see 2046, another Wong Kar-Wai film related to this one. I've watched unofficial trailers for it on YouTube and I am so excited for it!!

Bigger, better post tomorrow! Most recent sculpture project to be unveiled! Until then...


Anne said...

Many things to point out:
1.) I love how all your tags include "oh my god," it's very funny
2.) I WAS going to post the following on your facebook wall, but NOOO, you're observing lent, so I had to resort to talking about unrelated topics on this site
3.) http://www.leafcutterdesigns.com/shop/wsps/photos.html
4.) (referring to above) so maybe we didn't have mini wax, but we totally had this idea first.
5.) well, there really is no five, but I just couldn't end it at 4. Five is a nice, round number.

Dusty Banks said...

"I'm in the mood for love" is also a great american movie song. It's sweet and romantic.

Melanie said...

one of the most beautiful films ever.. i think.