28 February 2009

Announcement: Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, Awesome!

I do not have any pictures for this post, which saddens me. But I think that the overall importance of the post will outweigh its lack of imagery. Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, located in the Lower East Side, has the best cupcakes I have had (so far!) in the city. Better than Magnolia, but I haven't been there in a while, so I might have to try those out again too (But, everyone says they are better than Magnolia Bakery, and I think I'm going to believe them.) Better than Billy's Bakery in Chelsea, too.

I had a Lemon cupcake, and it was divine. Perfectly soft and fluffy cake, with just the right amount of frosting: not overbearing and goopy, but not spread too thin either. And nothing about the cupcake was too heavy, which is a good sign. At $1.50 a cupcake, I highly recommend.

image courtesy of sugar Sweet sunshine Bakery


Claire said...

ive been there! and ive had the sexy red velvet cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing and it WAS divine!!! and such a pleasant atmosphere there! good post, good post.

Emily said...


Claire said...


we should check this place out. it looks amazing