04 February 2009

Color Photo Final!

Television Top

So I just realized that I never posted the photographs that I turned in for my final project in my Color Photography class. So, without further ado, here they are:


College Kitchen

Lace Curtain

Living Room





Apologies for the poor scan job...I realize you can see the white borders of the prints, and also, the colors are not up to snuff. Just imagine them as real prints on matte paper, and nicer.

I took these during my Thanksgiving break when I went to visit my relatives in Pennsylvania. I really had no strong idea of what I wanted to shoot, so I just took pictures of images, patterns, colors, whatever I found to be visually interesting. I had no real "concept" behind these, but they are inherently very domestic and William Eggleston-esque, I suppose you could say. Maybe I was inspired by his work because I had just been shown some of it in class several weeks before...Anyways, I'd love to hear your opinions on these. You can click them and go to my Flickr to see them larger. The lace shot works better in large format, for example.

In other news, I just dusted off the industrial sewing machines here in the sewing room and the one that I got up and running works like a charm! Hurray!

(Also, I'm killing Mid Week Magic Hour, because, honestly, it's just embarrassing).

Until next time!

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Claire said...

I looove the second to last one