18 February 2009

Sugar Overload!

[Public Announcement: I have started my new Martha Stewart Cookie Blog, documenting my adventures in baking all 150 cookies from her cookbook. Please check out the new blog! It's called Every Last Cookie!]

Reclining on the PIe

I just realized that I never shared with you guys my birthday party! Granted, probably all of my readers were present at said event, but I will post the photos regardless, for my own satisfaction. And I can tell this post is going to take me a while to complete, because I'm trying to watch Top Chef, and that needs my undivided attention.

Allison's Cookie
A little scary bugger, no?

Decorated Cookies
Beauties, every one of them!

The theme was a cookie decorating party complete with as much baked goods and treats as possible. It had a sort of side-theme which was Wintery desserts: lots of peppermint, gingerbread, hot cocoa, you know, the works. In retrospect, the extraordinarily large amount of sugar and fat wasn't the best idea, even though my mother did prepare a beautiful veggie plate (which we all greedily devoured, to be sure).

Peppermint Marshmallow

I Stir, cont.
Myself, diligently manning the vat of hot cocoa

So, the day before, I made peppermint marshmallows, dough for gingerbread cookies, and dough for Moravian Spice cookies. The day of, my mother made her famous apple pie (see first photo with the sexy stud), Nutella hot cocoa, and the veggie platter. Everything was quite tasty, but all combined, I felt completely nauseous and jittery. I even got really ill the day after, but I think it was unrelated and I just got the flu. Regardless, I couldn't even THINK of gingerbread without wanting to throw up! UGHHH.

Missing Men
I'm sure you really wanted to see gingerbread dough right after I mentioned
throwing up, right?

Anyways, we all had a really swell time and decorated cookies and gossiped and giggled and shouted and laughed and were obnoxious. I save my best, most charming behavior for my friends, no doubt.

Gingerbread Cookies

P.S. I really love those Geico ads where someone is in some inane situation and then asks "What is that?!" and another person responds "Oh, that's the money you could be saving with Geico" and it's that cute little stack of cash with the googly eyes. Makes me giggle.


Dusty Banks said...

>>probably all of my readers were present at said event<<

you underestimate your readers...

Claire said...

those cookies are so beautiful. you shoulda sell em for lots o' money

Claire said...

also the picture of that little pink moist desert next to the bowl is soooooooo nice

Lizzie said...

thanks tommy! and claire! oh and the "moist dessert" is the peppermint marshmallow.

Claire said...

haha i just had an idea. i just had an idea that would've been good to have in the 9th grade, or would've seemed good to me as a 9th grader. so like, for a 9th grade art project that would have been assigned to us about "negative space" which ninth grade art teachers are so into, it woulda been a good idea to bake the cookie dough with all the empty space shapes of the ginger bread men. and say its like a negative space cookie or something. i dont know. just an idea more applicable to the past than the present.