15 February 2009

Pfeffernussen, and the Martha Stewart Experience


February is halfway complete, and if that doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will. Maybe these cookies? Eh, they're good, but not necessarily mind blowingly good. These Pfeffernussen--"Peppernut" in English--cookies are tasty and delightful, but nothing too remarkable. But really, they are very very tasty, don't get me wrong, but they aren't very different. I recommend you make them, though, because they are tasty and simple! Crowd pleasers too! And the name is so fun to say; plus, it sounds complicated and gourmet and makes you sound like a fancy pastry chef.

Thanks Martha

You see, the premise for baking these cookies is all part of my new experiment/project: I want to make every single cookie from the Martha Stewart Cookie Cookbook during the 4 years that I am here at college. I have no idea if this is completely impossible (I think it is), but I definitely want to try. So far, all the cookies I've made from her recipes turned out really delish, so why not go all out? Yes!


The Pfeffernussen in particular were so easy to make and were texturally spectacular! Yes! They had just the right amount of crunchyness on the edges while still maintaining a perfectly soft pillow-like texture in the middle. I also really loved how every so often you could taste a bit of ground black pepper in the cookie; a little bit of spice!

Pfeffernussen, pre-sugar coating

And look how cute they are!! Aw! I just liked looking at them all lined up on the baking sheet like little pyjama buttons. HOWEVER, be forewarned that they are ridiculously messy to eat! Confectioner sugar flies everywhere when you bite into them.


So, back to my whole "bake every Martha Stewart cookie in four years without becoming obese" project. I think I'm going to make a new blog devoted to each cookie I make throughout this long ordeal. What do you think? Does that sound fun, or will it just get mundane and boring after a while?


Anne said...

a new blog for every cookie?? do you know how hard it would be to keep track of no doubt hundreds of blogs? Anyways, I sincerely regret that I am not there to help you eat all these cookies. They look wonderful.

Lizzie said...

No no no. I meant a new blog devoted to this whole project. Like the "Martha Stewart Cookie Experience Blog", with an entry devoted to each cookie! Not a new blog for each cookie! That would be totally ridiculous!

Taylor said...

no its a spectacular idea! I want everyone to have as many blogs with as many posts as possible. also i love putting new links on my blog! do it! doit!

kikis said...

i'm so impressed...you do this in your dorm? crazy skillz yo. how's the internship going?