12 February 2009

Studio Photos


Hello! So here are the photos that I took during class the day before yesterday. We set up the studio lighting (strobes) and got out the heavy-duty tripods, and made a crazy setup with chairs and cloth and random sculpture projects and etc. etc. etc. It was pretty fun, but I wished I could have adjusted the lighting a little more. I did change the photos up a bit in Photoshop, burning, dodging, you know the drill. I'm actually getting into this whole Photoshop thing...


With Studio Lighting

Adjusting the Light


Just a Rest





Channeling Man Ray?


Dots Stripes Ruffles

I guess that's the gist of them. Or at least the ones I like.

Tonight I'm going to make some cookies from the Martha Stewart Cookie Cookbook (my new obsession) with some friends, watch America's Best Dance Crew (I just watch it for the sake of listening to Lil Mama; otherwise, I'm a purely So You Think You Can Dance fan [don't laugh at me]), and just chill out a bit. Then, tomorrow, I'm off to my internship.

Until next time....


Frankie said...

This reminds me of advertisement lighting, they came out really well!

Anne said...

this is really cool, Lizzie. It's crazy how much light can make a picture look 450% more amazing. Hahha...tell me more about said internship!!!

Anne said...
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Anne said...

I only deleted the last comment because I accidentally posted the first comment twice. Just in case you were wondering.

Dusty Banks said...

I love the first one, I'm totally stealing that setup for a movie! hehe

Linda B. said...

Lizzie, these are great. I really love the first one- we have this thing about photographing feet in our household. Jim's mom has a whole wall dedicated to pictures of the kids' feet.

Linda B. said...

Oh, and personally, I think the King Arthur Cookie cookbook is so much better. Most of their recipes are on their website though.

playhouse said...

#1 and #4

verhy nhice

Taylor said...

by the way the playhouse comment was taylor! i was logging into my old work account to stalk all the employees and see who was working tonight.

Lizzie said...

thanks guys!

Linda- I'll have to check that cookbook out too. But until then, it is my goal to cook every cookie in the Martha book (i might make a blog solely documenting this experiment)

Claire said...

awesome! love the first picture of the hanging shoes/ankles/calves