08 April 2009

Death Valley, Part Two

Lone Pine Signage; or, A Good Deal

I think it's official--I'm putting this blog on a semi-hiatus. This basically is just so I can give a name and reason to why I am posting so infrequently and sporadically. I dunno, I just feel like this blog has no direction, and I never really want to post to it. I'm sure I'll get back into it (probably this summer), but until then, I'll just post photos every now and then.

Lone Pine Signage

Never fear, though! My other blog Every Last Cookie is still up and running and in full swing. Last week's Banana Walnut Chocolate-Chunk Cookies were so good, but this week I think I'm going to try to make something a little fancier or lighter or something (meringues?). We'll see...

Open Faced Beef Sandwich, with shit
Delicious Beef Sandwich with Gravy--if looks could kill...

Mixed Berry Pie, not tasty

I really wish that pie was better than it really was.

Oh, and by the way, I might be going on a road trip across the United States this summer (hopefully stopping by the Badlands and ending up in Chicago or something). My goal is to visit a bunch of random, obscure diners along the way (specifically ones that are not on the internet), and try all their pies and coffee and sandwiches and burgers and all that fatty stuff. I am going to document my ventures with both my camera and pencil in hand, and a bloated stomach. I am in search of the best pancakes, pies, coffee, grilled cheese, you name it. I hope I don't go into cardiac arrest along the way, but if I do, publish my research in a respectable academic journal--thanks.

Can't go farther

Until next time!


Barbara Eisenstein said...

Oh I am going to miss this but I understand.

Claire said...

yea me too..... but I do understand. roadtrip sounds awesome. the first picture reminds me of twombly

Anonymous said...

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