02 June 2009

Grand Reopening

I'm back. I actually had time to start this blog up for the past 2-3 weeks, but its been hard getting around to it, for some reason. Anyways, I'll slowly ease my way back into this blog by presenting you with this video by Fever Ray:

It's part obnoxiously artsy, part actually cool. It's actually mainly obnoxiously artsy, but I don't really mind considering that they at least went all out with the art direction and actually did a good job. The song itself is weird enough, so I personally prefer listening to it without the video, but the video is fun too. Watch it.

I'll be back tomorrow to post more stuff. This blog is just going to be where I put everything that's not on my other blog, Every Last Cookie (which I've been working at oh-so diligently! check it out!)

1 comment:

jfklds said...

actually really really cool. i liked it a lotttttt (but i liked it less when it turned to night. and i lyk totes lolzed evrywhere at that old man, but thought it was just a LITTLE unnecessary. you know? i kind of liked the idea of her just doing that with no one around. but super cool, i usually can't watch more than two minutes of a music video and i watched the whole thing