05 June 2009

Rain, Red Nails, and Old Things

LA Street Sign

It rained today--in California no less. I decided to seize the day and paint my nails red as it rained, and put on some Department of Eagles, which I thought would accompany the situation quite nicely. Also, I wore my new mid-century dress that I found at the local antique store. Perfect morning, I'd say. I searched for a rainbow, but came up empty handed (empty-eyed?).

Century Plaza Hotel

I've been sleeping too much, to my surprise. Every night, I lay in bed after reading, and I can't fall asleep. My mind wanders and I get excited about various ideas (most of which have been revolving around the clothing in my closet--lame, I know). I've been sleeping consistently around 10 hours a night, and I think that might be giving me insomnia...that makes no sense, but I think it's true.

Eggs at West LA Farmers' Market

So either I go to bed later and wake up at the same time, or vice versa. I choose the latter, because I love mornings. Today I set my alarm for 8:30 but hit the snooze a bunch of times. I got up at 8:50 and ate granola and had coffee with frothed milk. Perfect.


Here are some more pictures:

Pollo a la Brasa

Salon Monte Carlo

LA Building

Pollo a la Brasa

Mercado Food & Produce


jfklds said...

you're so productive. ive been sleeping in til 1 every day and I've lost my passport.

jfklds said...

that comment was without bitterness!!! I swear!!!!