05 June 2009

Just though I'd share

I just had a really great experience a few minutes ago. I was in my darkroom, processing 4 rolls of film simultaneously, in two separate canisters (a task I have yet to master). I was doing this alone, obviously, and listening to Mykonos by Fleet Foxes and completely rocking out and agitating the canisters to the beat of the music. And then my old-school timer started buzzing to signal the completion of my 10-minute long fixing process, at the EXACT moment that the song finishes it's epic bridge.

It was so perfect.

Now my finger nails, which are still freshly red and unchipped (see previous post), smell like developer and fixer and the rolls are in the wash bath. I am listening to the mix I created to sum up my first year in New York--essentially composed of songs that I had brief, or not so brief, obsessions with--and I feel nostalgic and very happy. I am so excited about my summer, and yet I can't wait for it to end so I can go back to New York. I love it all.

Here's a picture of something that also makes me happy:

Isn't that dress just divine? The print is gorgeous. Link

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