30 November 2008

Post Thanksgiving Post: Central Park

Lots 'o Leaves

I hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving! I got to spend mine in Pennsylvania with my relatives, which was really nice. I forgot how much I truly miss a real home: one with molding, wood floors, and a sink that's bigger than the one you would find in the bathroom. I got a bake a lot, too, with a real kitchen! I made this delicious Pumpkin Bundt Cake, which I highly recommend. It was perfect for the autumnal feast that Thanksgiving is all about.

Sitting in the Gingko Leaves

As I promised, I come bearing pictures from my excursion to Central Park with my friends last weekend. We had such a lovely time amidst the falling foliage and crisp wind. However, one thing spoiled our fun: a terrible pretzel! We decided it would be a good idea to get some food, so we went up to one of those carts and two of my friends purchased pretzels, and after they tasted them, I decided it would be a better idea to invest in a hot dog. The hot dog wasn't too great either...disappointment!!

Leaves in the Lake

Something entertaining did happen, however. While walking around one of the lakes (not the big one), we spotted a bunch of camera men and big light diffusers and all those types of Hollywood toys. And then we saw Natalie Portman, which was exciting, but I am sad that she has long hair again. She looked so cute with that pixie cut. I'm not a stalker or anything, but I did manage to take a totally creepy stalker picture of her from across the lake. I won't post it here, because that's even creepier. Anyways, it's so far away you can barely make her out, haha.

View from Central Park

So we had a pretty good time, I reckon. Yeah, it was cold. And yeah, it's 76 degrees back home in California right now, but sometimes I really do like it here!

Until next time...


Claire said...

the picture of you all in the gingko leaves is really beautiful

Barbara Eisenstein said...

I miss winter sometimes too, but don't tell Dad.

Taylor said...

that sounds so autumnal and charming! charming charming charming charming, is the word

t-day was good, i was really hoping it would rain here as it was raining on tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving. it was so great... it was raining REALLY REALLY hard and all the streets were flooded and then all of a sudden it just stopped. I finally got to wear my rainboots which was really nice. But I did really enjoy Thanksgiving. It was very peaceful here and the sky was beautiful. I made a tofurkey and went to work and served people popcorn then cleaned up work and went home and fell asleep.

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