03 November 2008

Slipcase Project

In sculpture class, we had to make a slipcase for an object that does not generally have/need one. I chose this machine that is in the jewelry making sculpture studio to cover. It was quite a fun project and I got to relieve my need to sew!


Machine sans Slipcase



And some detail shots:

Slipcase Detail 1
Slipcase Detail 3

Slipcase Detail 2

Click on the images for a larger view!

I like to think of it as the ultimate granny project, but some people read the lace-ups as a slightly naughty twist. What do you think?


Anne said...

Love it! But what is it with slipcase projects? - isn't this the pretty much the exact same project that we got in that fabric class that we took in junior year? In any case, this is pro and I love all the little details!

Claire said...

amazing. looks like the way some funeral parlors are decorated. it's amazing!

Taylor said...

i don't think it's really naughty. i think its charming! especially those little floral details in the corners. it's a little unsettling seeing the before and after pictures. i think you chose the perfect machine.