14 September 2008

Deer Illustration!


I wish it was fall. Really badly. It was 90 degrees today and so humid! I don't know what to do with myself, and mainly, my hair. All I want is for it to be 65 degrees, cloudy, and beautiful. I want to buy excellent apples at the Farmers Market in Union Square, and make apple cider, and use cinnamon, and make these Maple Walnut Cupcakes with Candied Walnuts! And yes, I know I'm going to completely eat my words when October rolls around and I realize that my poor California-skin can't handle the real cold. Hopefully by then I will own a warm coat, but so far I have been unsuccessful in buying one of those.

Anyways, for my drawing class we had to make a drawing of...anything. Which I thought was a pretty lame project, but whatever. I did a little gouache painting of some deer in a cemetery, taken from a photograph that I snapped a few years ago when I was in Monterey for a wedding.

Deer in Monterey
One of the several photographs that I combined together
to form my illustration:

Deer Illustration (Finished)

Et voila! The photo doesn't really do the colors justice, but I'm still working on trying to photograph my artwork properly. I am happy with the result, but I wish I had done something better with the background. I feel it just ends rather abruptly, and I didn't do a very good job at incorporating the fogginess of the cemetery that day. Oh well! Maybe I'll put in in the Etsy shop, if I feel so inclined...

So, yeah, that's what's been up. I'm trying very hard to post every Sunday and every Wednesday, because that's usually when I have the most free time. Because Wednesday classes don't meet again until the following Monday, so I don't have that much homework on those days! Or on Thursdays. I really love this whole 3 day weekend thing. It's quite excellent.

Well, until next time...(which should be Wednesday!)


Claire said...

oh my god i love it! it's so beautiful

Taylor said...

ooh i am excited. i am terribly addicted to reading blogs (i love little updates here and there with pictures)

i am trying hard to post everyday just to make it trite and fun but it gets away from me because i also kind of want it to mean something.

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Oh! That is so, SO sweet! The colors are just GORGEOUS! I might have to try those cupcakes too. I LOVE maple walnut!

Taylor said...

hahaha, you and anne do look a bit angry, or at least perturbed in that photo.

i have been trying to go to colorspace a lot: i went twice last week, and have been keeping it tidy (i cleaned out the trash can, which was full of fruit flies and rotting smell because someone left food in it: it may have been the avocado bit i threw away the last time we went there) and i was thinking of going today, but i am seriously running low on paper and also money. i run through color paper like nothing else because you have to make like 5 million incorrect color prints until you find the right one!

what happened at printspace?