10 September 2008

Making Stuff Again

Okay, so I haven't posted a craft-related entry in quite some time. I realize this. So, I figured I had to change that, considering that I hadn't necessarily stopped crafting all together--I've just been a little/hugely busy, and I don't have a sewing machine (tear!! this saddens me greatly). But, I have been able to knit and crochet, and I have produced something. Technically it is only half of something, and I don't even know if I'm going to finish the other half, but I will post about it anyways. Because I feel I should.

So without further ado, I give you my very first knitted sock!

First Knitted Sock

Hurray! Cheers! Woo!

Except, not so much. I really don't like the sock, aesthetically. Plainly put, I think the stripes are ugly and the fabric was a poor choice. Also, it's all a little saggy, especially around the ankle/stripe region. Hmmm...part of me says "That's enough! Knit a new pair of socks from a prettier pattern, with lace, and with nicer yarn that is thinner and less bulky and of higher quality!" but the other half of me says "You've already got this far! And it was so easy! Just do the other one so you can have a pair of socks for the winter, instead of just one warm foot!"

Only One Sock (so far)

What should I do? Be a one-socked-wonder for the time being as I work on a completely new pair, or should I finish this rather ugly one? I'm leaning towards scrapping this stripey sock and beginning a new pair...but I want to get some secondary opinions!

In other news, I bought a nice little pencil holder at this store called Muji in Soho (I was tipped off by Kristina, by-the-by). I really like its simplicity and all that.

Pencil Holder!
Lookin' good

So yeah, that's what's goin' on for me. I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to buy art supplies and film and everything that I need. I'm blowing through money like a wind blows through ... something poetic, and it's crazy. Life's crazy! Ah! I need to get a handle on things, and then get a job. Good plan.

(P.S. It was cooler today, and it rained and thundered and stormed yesterday, which was SOOOOO exciting for me)


Taylor said...

i rather like the sock!

i am blowing through money, as well, and i'm not even living away from home yet. but books? seriously. also theres that problem where i have to eat and i go to the grocery store way too much.

Lizzie said...

yeah...i just went to trader joe's and learned that it's really difficult to plan out meals for the week and all that. and its hard to cook anything because i have to buy all the ingredients that i usually have at home. like flour, baking soda, etc...

Anne said...

I have a suggestion for your "problem": knit the other sock and then give the rejects to me! Hahah, just kidding. But, on a more serious note, that sock looks fantastic and I have absolutely no idea what you're are bothered about. Keep on keeping on! (gotta love that phrase :) You'll have to teach me how to make that one day.

Claire said...

the sock is mad WACK. wack is a good thing. i say make another one, just to master the technique, and then, make a cooler pair.

Lizzie said...

thats a good point, the whole "mastering the technique" idea. you just might have persuaded me...

Taylor said...

i have a question for you regarding quinoa:

when you made the big bowl of quinoa when we went to the park after the failed printing attempt, how did you get it so flavorful? did you saute the quinoa after you cooked it? i tried to make a big bowl and it was good, but very grainy/earthy tasting, which is a good thing but not what i was looking for.

Lizzie said...

i just followed this recipe exactly: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/001564.html

except i used broccoli instead of asparagus. so i guess its not "exactly" at all, but more like "nearly."

Jen r. said...

I have to be honest. I like the ugly sock!