28 September 2008

Lentil Soup: A Tale of Two Attempts

Hello! How are you? I'm doing quite well. It rained all weekend! But not that hard, so it wasn't a total inconvenience, fortunately. However, I didn't get any rainboots, like I had planned, and my clear bubble umbrella hasn't arrived yet, so I had to use my crappy little black one. That aside, since it rained, I drank lots and lots of delicious tea and Kedem Tea Biscuits, which was a great idea.

Today, the only thing that could make my rainy Sunday even nicer, would be if I had some delicious hearty soup. Problem solved!

Lentil Soup, Refrig!

Please excuse the lousy photograph; I didn't think to shoot the soup until after it was packed away neatly in some tupperware.

Funny story, which relates to the title of this post: So, I followed diligently the recipe, and I boiled the water (no problem) and I added the lentils. I left them to boil and bubble and all that, and when 20 minutes rolled around, I checked on them. For some genius reason, I thought that they weren't done yet, so I went back into the living room with my friend and watched some more T.V. (it was House...I'm so easily distracted by medical dramas, especially ones that are so deliciously predictable). And then, BAM, "OH NO! THE LENTILS! I FORGOT!"

And they had transformed into a mushy, pasty, stuck-to-the-bottom, burnt mess. And it smelled terrible. So my roommates and I decided to open the windows (good idea) and open the door to the hallway (probably a good idea, but offensive to other kids in the dorm). People were walking up and down the hall sayin' "Woo it stinks! What's that smell?" Ha-ha, mortifying sort of. I'm sorry!!

As a result of this minor/major catastrophe, I had to run out to the supermarket and buy more lentils and salt. Second time around, I was very very careful to keep an eye on the lentils, and it all worked out splendidly. Devilishly good soup, and so spectacular with a dollop of yogurt on top! And since I made the whole recipe, I have a bunch for leftovers during the week. Excellent!

Hope everything is going well with you. See you on Wednesday, lovelies!

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Taylor said...

OH GOD i saw that recipe and was aching to try it out! you have a lot more patience than i do, though. i was like... you want me to cook for HOW LONG?

i really want to try the split pea soup more than anything right now! it's fall here, but it's been REALLY hot lately. it's a bit breezy right now but it's early in the morning so i don't know how it will turn out...

also: about the photo of the marquee... i did not use a tripod, but it is a digital photo. the light of the marquee is really bright so i feel like that's what made it possible for it to be so in-focus