07 September 2008

Lacoste : Yes!

Lets talk about how great the first portion of Lacoste's Spring 09 Ready-to-wear collection is:

I think it's pretty fab for several reasons.
  1. The colors and fabrics are gorgeous. They are the perfect dusty, sandy colors and they looks especially great paired with these skinny little waspy white models. For reals!
  2. When I got back from India, I really wished that turbans would be in-style, and that girls would start wearing them. In India, obviously, its only a man thing, but I thought that it was so so so awesome and elegant that I wanted to figure out a way to wear one myself without looking like a moron. Case closed!
  3. I love how these are draped. The flow and cut to each piece is oh-so-perfect. And the shoes are very nice too.
All in all, go Lacoste! However, I did not like the rest of your line; it was very...Lacoste-y. Too sporty, bright, jocky/tennis player-ish. Yeah, I know that's your thing, but you are so good at fashion too!

(P.S. I got 8-cent unlimited serving size frozen yogurt at 16 Handles in the city today. EPIC!)


Claire said...

the picture on the bottom is good. i like what she wear there. i like the shoes

Kate said...

I totally agree with you...for a sports line some of their runway stuff is really chic...it kind of reminded me of Coco Chanel style with the high waisted trousers and all...very pretty!!

Taylor said...

i like the first and third looks in the pictures you put up. first shirt = yes! i love that deep v style, i would wear it if I could without looking completely pretentious.