18 October 2008

As Promised: Chocolate

So, I think I might have let it slip that my dad went to Belgium about a week ago, and that he got me some chocolate there. Well, le voilà:

Le Chocolat de Wittamer

He got me a standard chocolate bar (about 55-65% cocoa, if I had to guess), and some tasty truffles or whatever those are called. The chocolate bar was so delicious because it was the exact density of cocoa that I like: not too dark, but not milk chocolate either. And it was so adorable too! The perfect chocolate grid and everything. The truffles were excellent too. I think they were supposed to be flavored, but I couldn't really tell. One of them (see photo) says "Earl Grey" on it, and I think it tasted a little Earl-Greyish, which is awesome. And another said "poivre" and if I do remember correctly, that means "pepper" in French, so that's a little odd. Anyways, everything was so tasty! They are sitting on my desk waiting to be devoured.

And by the way, it's cold! It was like 55º today! Oh no!


1 comment:

Claire said...

oh my god i want to eat all of those