22 October 2008

MWMH :: Cop out!

Hello! So, I wish I could make this Mid Week Magic Hour a little more magical, but I'm pressed for time, you see. I have a drawing due tomorrow...boo. I have to pick an artist and copy a drawing, which is very boring, but I like rendering things, so it should be fun. Here is the painting I intend to copy in drawing form:Yeah, yeah, maybe too ambitious, whatever. I feel like whatever I pick will be doing that artist's work a complete injustice because a) they are much more talented than I, and b) I am going to spend about 1/1000th of the amount of time on it as they did. Regardless, it's work, and I actually look forward to copying something in a style that's completely different than that of my own.

Oh, and if I get a bad crit:

I will cry. Actually, not at all. Plus, it is impossible to get a bad critique in that class because my teacher LIKES EVERYTHING. I hate critiques. I wish people would give me some GOOD constructive CRITICISM. Whatever. I need a Halloween costume. Maybe I can go back in time and still the one that I was wearing in the picture above.

Ciao! I will post again before Sunday I believe....

1 comment:

Taylor said...

i'm not sure what i want to wear for halloween!!! ahhh its less than a week away. i hope the drawing turns out well.