25 October 2008

Happy 50th!

It's my 50th blog post! Oh, that's so wonderful, isn't it? Anyways, enough celebrating.

I don't really understand this whole "weather" thing that they have here on the east coast. I mean, in California, it's pretty much sun sun sun, partly cloudy, sun...etcetera. In New York, this is not really the case. Take today for example: It was windy, and rainy, and a little muggy, and not very cold. So what do I do (even though I knew in advance that this was the forecast)? I wear a dress! Genius, Lizzie, really smart. I had so much fun grabbing my hem and worrying about flashing the entire population of New York City.


But despite this minor poor choice, I had a lovely day today. First I wandered around Soho shopping and I got some good stuff for winter. Have I mentioned that I love Old Navy? Well I do. One of the purchases I specifically love is this cute vest that is super uber soft fleece on the inside. Sporty, but warm and perfect over a dress with my new green rain boots!

Following my little shopping excursion, I ran home amidst the howling wind (wasn't really howling but it's better for my story), and changed into a di fferent skirt, because I still wanted to wear tights with my rain boots. But I did choose a skirt that was more pencil-y so it wouldn't blow around---I'm ridiculous I think. Anyways, I went to the Union Square Farmer's Market and went hog wild!


Bought: Apples (because they are in season and soooo delicious right now), pear cider, purple potatoes (my favorite kind), an acorn squash, organic pumpkin bread, and some organic made-in-upstate-NY yarn! I am so excited about the yarn! It's a gorgeous slate blue and it was really pricey, but I have saved up, and I feel good about supporting real artisan yarn-makers. More on this yarn to come once I start knitting something with it.

What should I knit with it, by the way? Little arm/wrist warmers? Or a neck cowl? Perhaps a hat?

That's all for now, friends!

(P.S. Although I definitely hate polaroids, this little instant polaroid maker is really fun and addictive!!)


Taylor said...

i really like the idea of a neck cowl. i always thought one of those would be really cute but i don't know that i can wear it right?

that sounds like a simply charming weekend! it's really hot here, like 80-90 degrees. Although, there is an ad for the new Bond movie on TV right now, and I'm a bit excited about it! That has nothing to do with the weather.

I did throw up across the street from my car... I got really sick at school, it was kind of terrible having to ask my teacher to leave class. But I suppose I've learned not to take vitamins on any sort of empty stomach?

On a more pleasant note, how did the large format camera stuff go?

Anne said...

At first I was going to say DEFINITELY NECK COWL, but now I think you should do both, because those wrist warmers were adorable! Actually, as an extension of the neck cowl idea, you could make one long scarf that connected (so it's like a really big neck cowl) and then you loop it around. Taylor and I saw it in American Apparel, and I thought it was pretty nifty. What a fabulous weekend, in general.

Anne said...

what do you do for your camera settings because whenever I take pictures, I can never get the tones to come out like yours. Everything is just too sharp. Do you know what I mean? Should I change the ISO? I need help working my camera because right now, the pictures I take look like any other. Frustrating.

kikis said...

I say neck cowl, but I really love the ones that are like mini collars and you can put a button on the front - sort of Prada like!