08 October 2008

MWMH :: Cerise, baby

It's Wednesday! And that means it's time for some Mid-Week Magic, in the time span of one hour or less. So here's what's up: Red Shoes. I might have red (haha pun intended) this on some blog, or maybe I overheard it, but nevertheless, I have been enlightened: Red shoes go with nearly everything. Even if the rest of the outfit is of a color that usually doesn't look too hot with red, red shoes will probably still look quite foxy.


It's true! I need a pair, and I would like them to be suede, since I am currently in love with suede pumps.

What's up there::
Nº1 ~ Franco Sarto Amenity

Nº2 ~ Fitzwell Carlina
Nº3 ~ Nazer Heel by Toast [£165.00]

Oh yes, foxy indeed.

Anyways, I am fast approaching a 5 day weekend!!! Holy cow. I am excited!

Here's what it (my weekend) hopefully will involve: c
upcake party, visiting a friend, renting the 4x5 large format camera with a friend, buying stuff for my upcoming sewing-related sculpture project, dinner with my dad, and homework. This last item is not so great. Oh well.

By the way, this is who I am going to be for Hallowe'en:

Jean Seberg in Breathless/A Bout de Souffle!
I'm cutting my hair short again!


Anne said...

Might I say I wholeheartedly agree with your comment that everyone needs a pair of red shoes - they are simply adorable! Take pictures of your hair when you get dein Harschnitt (that's "haircut" auf Deutsch!)

Taylor said...

i thought i left a comment already but i guess i was wrong! i do love the little layouts you put together, red shoes are a fabulous fall item, i think.

i cut my hair short again! i don't know what i'm going to be for halloween, maybe little red riding hood but if i can find a whole rabbit suit (like something a mascot would wear) i will do that.

Claire said...

mmn i love the 2 shoes. those are good . hey i just saw the movie the red shoes. it's pretty awesome. hey thanks for putting that little link to me on the friend part. that was neat. im excited for your new short haircut again. oh man jean paul belmondo is sooooooooooooooo hot. hot hot hot. im so hungry. man. OH SHIT, i got a bike okay? And ifucking sold the other one. it was so easy. craigslist roolz