06 October 2008

Post Wedding Post

Hello everyone, and Anne, who I think deserves a special shout-out because she checks out my blog like I check out cute boys walking down the streets of NYC. That was a hideously awful joke that should neve have been uttered, and I want to kill myself for thinking/writing/posting it to the world. You must excuse me, it's been a weird night; basically I've been fighting with my computer because its acting out in all sorts of strange ways. I don't want to talk about it, it depresses me.

Emma at the Wedding Rehearsal Dindin

So, I went to a wedding this past weekend. It was my cousin's and it was really beautiful, especially because there was gorgeous fall foliage in the Massachusetts trees, and you know how much I love autumn. This is my first real autumn since I was about 6, and I don't remember those early ones, so as you can tell, I'm quite excited. I'm really getting into it! The next thing I need is a pumpkin for the dorm.

Anyways, my cousin's daughter (see above) and I played with my camera during the rehearsal dinner, and took lots of flattering pictures of each other:

My mouth Emma's eye

Endless entertainment. These were pretty much the only digital pictures I took during the trip, but as soon as I figure out how to use the scanners at school, I will be uploading lots of my color film prints and contact sheets! Get excited!

Sorry, this was a little bit of a lame post, but there is this girl who reads my blog, her name's Anne--I mentioned her earlier, remember?--yeah, and she's sorta been getting on my case. So I had to give her SOMETHING to procrastinate with. Okay, until Wednesday my friends.


Anne said...

muchos gracias amiga!

Taylor said...

cute little girl!

do i spy lip stain?

Claire said...

i check it religiously too you dick!! i cant wait to see the new printssss. and i cant wait to see YOU on THURSday

Linda B. said...

Wanna see something weird??

Linda B. said...

Wanna see something weird?
I took this picture of Jim (cute girl's dad) this summer.

Lizzie said...

Linda- that's cute! you can definitely see the resemblance!

Claire said...

#2 Shoes are the best