13 October 2008

A Visit to Sarah Lawrence

Hey Team! How are you? I'm doing swell--it's my fall break, so I've had no school from last Friday to this Tuesday, and I've been able to do lots of fun stuff. Which I shall now tell you about...

Claire's Shoes

So, Thursday afternoon I hopped on the Metro to Grand Central Station and then wandered around trying to find the correct track for my train to Bronxville/Sarah Lawrence College. I got to go into the main room in Grand Central with the big tall blue constellation-covered ceiling and the big clock and all that stuff and I had to ask (twice, don't ask me why) which track I had to go to. After finding the correct train, and arriving in Bronxville, I met up with this lovely lady:

Claire Lucido Claire Lucido

We enjoyed the weather and saw Burn After Reading, which I really enjoyed. It was nice getting out of the city and being at a "real" college campus, one with a green quad and old buildings and all that. Also, she has the greatest dorm room, complete with hardwood floors, molding, and pretty windows.


Good stuff. So, yesterday (Sunday), I spent the first half of the day in Central Park with my good friend Emily and we walked and talked and enjoyed the lovely foliage and beautiful weather. Then, we knew what we had to do: get some real good New York City bagels. Not knowing where to go, we asked a random lady in the park, and she directed us to H and H Bagels on Broadway and 81st. Yes, the bagels were really really good! We spent the rest of the day walking around the Upper West Side and going to street fairs and flea markets. I got this at a street fair:

Pretty Moroccan Ceramic Pot
It's made in Morocco and was only $5! Excellent!

Anyways, after kickin' it with Emily, I met up with another pal, Ayden, and we...USED THE LARGE FORMAT CAMERA! Yes. It happened. Whether the photos came out or not, who knows. We took the field camera (it's like a light-weight version of a standard 4x5 view camera) and subwayed over to the Brooklyn Bridge. We each only shot 4 pictures, but it still took us like 20 minutes each. Then we spent about 1.5 hours walking around the financial district trying to find Grimaldi's Pizza (supposedly the best pizza in the entire city) until we found out that it was across the bridge in Brooklyn. We contemplated taking a cab, but instead hiked across the bridge, arms laden with 2 cameras and the heaviest tripod in existence. Then we found the place, and had to wait in line for OVER AN HOUR. It was ridiculous. Scratch that. It was our own Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle experience. Ayden and Lizzie go to Grimaldi's Pizza. Intense.

Such a New York weekend! Fantastic! Anyways, I hope I haven't bored you too much. To conclude, I would like to propose a similar question to what Kristina asked on her blog: What should I put in my cute ceramic Moroccan pot?


Anne said...

what a fabulous weekend - I must say I am incredibly jealous that you've been out and about town. Claire goes to Sarah Lawrence?! That's so cool...for some reason I thought she was in Belgium. And might I say, that she has the best dorm ever. I mean moldings?? Now THAT is luxury. On to another incoherent question, were those your shoes in the first picture - they are adorable. In response to your question about the contents of your bowl, I personally would probably fill it with random possesions, like keys, sugar packets, jewelry, bobby pins, but that's just because I'm an incredibly sloppy person when it comes to organization. So, if I were you, I would put...um...I have no idea. Geez, what a waste of space and time. Sorry you had to read all of that. Nevertheless it is a very pretty bowl. Put it to good use.

Claire said...

lizzie! wow! I feel famous. how did grimaldi's pizza end up tasting? I love pizza. Never been to grimaldis. And anne! those shoes belong to me and it is Charlotte who is in Belgium. I too would put sugar packets and bobby pins in the bowl. Yeah, put it to good use Lizzie. a better use than sugar packets and stuff. Maybe you could get a fish and put it in there with water so that you could never see the fish and it could never see you and it would live in darkness. That would be great. haha, god i really hope you know im only kidding. i dont know what you should use it for. Creme brulee? I dont know.

Taylor said...

also: I'm sorry you had to watch music and lyrics. Had I known at the time, I would have chastised Drew Barrymore about her poor choice of appearing in that film.

Taylor said...

i still hold out for stickers or stamps! although god knows i have a ceramic pot of my own in my room that has bobby pins and dust in it, and other things that i didn't know where to put.

your weekend looks simply charming, like it was all blustery and cold. it's been cold here but i'm a real wuss.

was the pizza really good????

i want you to know that this comment was supposed to be first, but i am disorganized even on the internet and didn't realize that i'd opened multiple tabs. its dumb.

kikis said...

oooooh, ooooh I know! I know! put a little plant in it. no good? ummm, maybe make it you're cous cous bowl or are you weary to eat out of it?!

speaking of eating - there is a bagel place on 6th ave and 13th st that is excellent!!